Creatività: cos'è realmente? Creativity, what really?

Creatività, una bella parola. Ma cosa si vuol intendere?

Be', naturalmente ognuno ha la sua legittima opinione; io proverò ad illustrare la mia. Creatività” potrebbe essere la capacità di vedere il mondo come non è! Allora è lecito chiedersi anche: ma è un dono innato solo da invidiare a “prescelti” oppure una capacità che si può acquisire e migliorare durante la vita? Creatività potrebbe anche essere unire elementi già esistenti con “connessioni” nuove; che siano utili. La novità e l’utilità sono concetti imprescindibili. Ma essere creativi potrebbe significare anche rompere le regole esistenti per crearne delle altre migliori, destabilizzanti. Ciò potrebbe rappresentare un rischio ovvero: un uomo che ha un’idea nuova può risultare uno svitato. Ma sarebbe uno svitato con “scadenza certa”; cioè finché novità non ha successo. In quel caso diverrebbe un genio creativo.

Well, of course everyone has their own legitimate opinion, and I'll try to illustrate mine: "Creativity "might be the ability to see the world as it is!
So it is questionable as well: it is an innate gift only as good at "selected" or a skill that you can acquire and improve during the life? Creativity may also be to combine existing elements with "connections" new, they are useful. The novelty and utility are essential concepts.
But be creative could mean breaking the existing rules to create the other best destabilizing. This could pose a risk or a man who has a new idea may be a nut. But it would be loosened with a "certain date", that is until the novelty has not happened. In that case it would become a creative genius.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Geometries dramlikes or rather....what math cannot teach!

Chapter One, the incipit….
……St. Marteen,  Wednesday  June 16th  2004
“Honey, we are out of cream for the coffee” said Sara with a childish voice, showing herself through the bathroom door, “will you come with me to the grocery store to buy a bunch of them?” she ended really innocently.
It was out of the question. He did not want to dive into the heat wave and the burning asphalt. He hated sticky sweating on his body (the weather was excessively humid) and nobody would have managed to move him from that cool place where he was finally relaxing.
On that afternoon of June it was really hot. Luckily, his friend, who had lent him this beautiful villa, had the common sense to install the air conditioning system, so now he was able to lie down comfortably on his bed and enjoy the reading of Dan Brown last novel “The Da Vinci Code”. He was enjoying that unpredicted vacation offered him by Carl, a very dear friend of him from Canada. He had to leave for Venezuela to sort out an unexpected business deal and, as he did not want to leave his villa unattended, had decided to have his friend watch it during his absence.
It was a wonderful place, not far from the beach and fully equipped with all comforts. There was also a nice pool to be used, in order to relax and to make refreshing splashes. And it was useful not only for that. He remembered the old saying: “seize the moment” and he was there to seize it. Memories emerged like daisies during spring. What a lot of “nice” parties we spent with Carl’s girl friends. What a lot of genuine shags in that pool and on the couch. What can I say furthermore of the “peepshows” shot on the veranda with the pure “Venuses”, always available to be filmed and always longing for sex with no limits. And he thought about geometry. Yes ….but geometries on women bodies. The truth was so simple…..”Life is only one and needs to be enjoyed right to the end”.
He would have preferred to stay home, but he surrendered to Sara’s begging, after all, she was his actual girlfriend. He had met her there. She was a very sexy and appealing girl, who practically hooked him up.
In the end, Sara convinced him, or better, it was very convincing the swallowed blowjob she did with the same ability that a flautist uses to perform, outstandingly, a classical symphony.  And there he was in (Carl’s) car headed to the nearest grocery store and luckily for him the car was also equipped with the air conditioning system. Sara freshened up and put a white shirt on that showed her beautiful boobs. They were her trademark, natural, firm, huge, they looked like two bombs ready to explode, with two turgid fuses lighted up in place of the nipples.
When we arrived at the grocery store we entered the huge parking lot. We stopped and while I was parking, Sara had already eyed a guy who was leaving his spot and was pointing out at us. With a prepared move, while she was getting out the car, she gave him a splendid vision of her legs and of her very transparent G-string, which she slipped out the miniskirt she had on. Every chance she had, she liked to show her sluttish way, but I liked her for that, because she was a slut. Naturally, I intended it in the most worthy meaning. What did I care? I didn’t have to marry her!
The guy, a             , who had a pair of ripped jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt on and was looking like he had just come back from a work out session at the gym, glanced slowly at her and, with a rapid movement of his muscles, he walked away.
We went in the grocery store and a nice feeling of cool replaced the annoying humid sensation that hit me when I was getting out the car. The store was really big, but rather empty.
And while I was boringly checking the shelves full of what, for me, was really useless, my sixth sense of a “very experienced man” (with the ladies, naturally) was captured by the young cashier who was focused on flipping through a magazine. As she had nothing better to do, (the store was completely empty), she was looking with incredible lust at some really unsubtle pictures of a famous hard “magazine”.
                                                                                                                                                   End of part 

Chapter Two, the story:

While the cashier was flipping very passionately through the beautiful pages full of craved erotic scenes, she started to stare at me. With no flinch at all, I decide to approach the cashier with my girlfriend and the three of us start to look at the pictures, flipping through the pages one by one with increasing voluptuousness. There was something of an animal feeling in the air, like our hormones were suddenly in contact to party together. It was pretty clear that my balls and their clitoris were about to “explode”. (The clitoris is a semi-erective organ of the feminine genital apparatus set in the upper part of the vulva, As a matter of fact, my girlfriend, a really good babe ,  without hesitation, invites the cashier for the following evening to a party. (It only took two minutes of chit chatting for the two sluts to understand each other).
I don’t know what I will have to expect tomorrow night, but no doubts the only thought excites me a lot. Anyway, tomorrow morning I will take a double dose of vitamins, so I will not fail. I hope everything will go smoothly and I will not have to use oil, anyway they are both voluptuous and tested. I will avoid acting as a simple observer, but if this will happen, I don’t mind, I will manage anyhow.  I hope the outlined movie will be involving and full of surprises. You never stop to be amazed!!!
The following evening, my girlfriend and I picked up Pamela, the cashier, who had just came back from the beauty salon, question: just for a simple shampoo? Of course not!  Naturally, she went to have a breaded pony tail done with her beautiful blond hair. I think it was long up to her butt and over. And let’s tango!
We started with me seating in the back seat of the car, my girlfriend was driving and Vanessa was in the front seat next to her. I preferred seating there, as a form of respect for the “ladies” (after all, I am a gentleman!). They wore skirt that looked like scarves. The peculiarity of Pamela skirt was that it had only one button on the side opening to hold it together. In practice, she had on a simple wrap around skirt! First we stopped for a drink, I ordered a beer, my girlfriend, who does not drink, a mohito and Pamela a simple coffee with a lot of cream. Here we go again!!! We finished with our drinks and we started to look at Pamela while she was eating her cream or rather how she was licking it without the spoon. I cannot tell you what were her lips and her tongue sopped up with delicate whipping cream.
My girlfriend, who was waiting to try the cream, licked Pamela’s lips to taste its delicacy. She said it was delicious, in fact she wanted to taste it again, this time directly from Pamela mouth. They exchanged a sort of kiss where the two tongues mastered to grab each other’s. The (“cunnilingus”) must have lasted 10 minutes. Obviously, I envisioned the complete plan for the evening:  in the car, kisses, hugs, at the house, in bed, naked and… on!!
When we finished with the drinks, we went back to the car and my girlfriend was already drunk and very excited. As she was not able to drive, we asked Pamela to take the driver seat. While she was about to seat, the little button of her so called skirt went loose and it opened to her complete unawareness. Oh my God what a scene! Imagine a 6 inches girl, fit, blonde and with a pony tail while she drives with her skirt open and her white g-string completely exposed. A scene to make a man “explode” only if you think about it!  In the meantime, my girlfriend, as after the cream kiss with Pamela was in very good terms with her, started to play with the little white hair that came out of her g-string. What a scene, indeed the cashier, by now very excited, asked my girlfriend to slip it off, as it was too narrow and uncomfortable, as well as completely moist. At this point I thought that…. “calling these two ladies or naughty girls was exactly the same thing!”  We finally parked in a very isolated place after a lot of little games, pubic hair, moistened slips and hard lickings everywhere. Let’s say suitable for our needs. Vanessa stopped the car, turned it off and jumped on the back seat on my lap. You can only imagine, g-string less, blonde, with her pony tail and with a lake between her legs!!! I, no sweat at all, asked my girlfriend too to join us on the back seat even if we were a little uncomfortable. The softness of their white fleshes was even better than a “Natuzzi” sofa. Let’s say: “lucky he, who makes out on the two sofas”!!
Like that, as in a wild rhythmic dance our “exhibition” took place. Everything happened: I was with the cashier, Vanessa with my girlfriend, my girlfriend with both of us. We didn’t miss any “geometric shape”. In the end, for the “grand finale” the two beautiful sluts clutched on my turgid cock and, like two voracious vampires, they shared everything, until the last thick drop. While they were sucking, Pamela kept track of how many times I was coming. In the end, she couldn’t keep track of it. I can assure you that I had many ejaculations (to be accurate 3 in more than 3 hours and half). They were very careful not to waste any single drop of it (what a skill, I must say!). It must have been the torrid hot to stimulate the unfailing thirst of the two vampires. And what better “Ambrosia” to quench their thirst!
Like that, we successfully completed our evening. After the greetings, we exchanged (“cunnilingus”) voluptuous kisses for 30 minutes more and then we decided to meet again on the next Saturday.  Finally, all three, in turn, we got up and left out of the car. A liberating "liquid spilling” oppressed group. Then, after we put back together as best we smoked a tasty " Pakistan cigarette" and, very calm, climbed into the car to return to the city.
Pamela said that she would have brought a friend of her, who will definitely be eager to meet with us. I don’t know what will happen on Saturday, considering as well the presence of her friend. Anyway, we will have a party at our house and I hope Cialis will help all of us!!

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